At Astrum Consultants, we aim to do the right thing by you. We will give you the advice you ask for, but more importantly we will give you the advice you need.

With the complexities in tax law, plus all the other things going on in your life and business, sometimes you do not realise that there is an issue, or a better way of doing things.

That is where we come in. We give you the advice you need to prosper even when you don’t realise there was a need for it.

Some of the services offered are:

Tax Returns

From the most basic to the most complex, we can assist with your individual income tax return as well as your business tax returns (no matter the entity structure). The aim is always to get you the maximum benefit as allowed by the tax law.

If you haven’t lodged a return in several years, do not fret, we can assist with prior year returns and we engage with the ATO on your behalf to minimise penalties and interest. The best advice here is to act quickly. It is always better for you to contact the ATO before they contact you.

Robert Boni is a Registered Tax Agent. This means that we, as Tax Practitioners, are appropriately registered on the Tax Practitioners Board (“TPB”) register. This means that you, as the taxpayer, are secure in the fact that we are appropriately qualified and insured to assist you with your affairs.


If your business is registered for GST and you need to lodge your BAS returns either monthly, quarterly or annually, we can assist to take the burden away from you.

Or if you need to lodge an IAS return (either as an individual or a business), we can make the process a simple one for you.

We give you practical advice and solutions to assist with your record keeping requirements as well as attending to the lodgement itself. Keeping you on the right side of the ATO keeps your business life simpler and leaves you with one less thing to worry about, allowing you to focus on the business itself.

Business Advisory

Congratulations, you have a business! But how do you make it grow and prosper?

With Robert’s extensive experience (and having been a small business owner himself), we can assist you manage all the issues that crop up in the everyday of business life. From assisting your business with Financial Reports and Tax Returns (and understanding what these documents are telling you about your business), through to putting you in touch with the right people to get you to the next level, Astrum Consultants is here to help.

Solvent Company Winding Up

If you have a solvent Company which you no longer need, then we can assist you with the transfer of assets and winding up. The process and the implications can be complex, but with the experience of having wound up over 200 Solvent Proprietary Limited Companies, Astrum Consultants can guide you to your desired result.

Be it Deregistration, Member Voluntary Liquidation or Share Buy Back, we will advise you on your options and will provide a fixed fee quote based on the information you have provided. This way, you know what you are getting, when you will get it and (most importantly) how much it will cost.

Estate Planning

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin

You may spend a few minutes, hours or days each year thinking about your personal taxes, but what about death? As uncomfortable as the topic may be, some good planning and correct advice will be a godsend to your family. You may not see the benefit of it, but you can rest easy that your family will.

Estate Planning with Astrum Consultants is a simple service where we can assist you with your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Advance Health Directive (aka “Living Wills”). Although we do not prepare these documents for you, we assist you with planning how to structure these documents and instruct Solicitors on your behalf to have them drawn up correctly.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is like Estate Planning but focussing on your business and structures contained therein. At Astrum Consultants, the aim is to provide simple understandable advice to allow you get to where you want to be. This is the same within your business.

Along with “Death” and “Taxes” (thanks BF), I like to add in that the only other certainty is “Change”. How you tackle change, how you plan for it and how you work through it is the secret to how you will continue to have success. Succession Planning is simply another tool to plan for change and to ensure the change has the minimum of disruption on the business and on your nerves.

Be it winding down unused or unneeded entities, vesting trusts, liquidating solvent companies or planning for changes in the ownership or management of your family company, having someone experienced to help you through the process will make the difference between a task which is readily achieved or an ordeal that never ends.

Tax Audit Insurance

Costs relating to the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) compliance initiatives continue to increase.

To combat the costs of unplanned professional fees which can arise as a result of initiatives instigated by the ATO and other relevant government revenue agencies, we offer all our clients the option to participate in our “Audit Shield” policy (a tax audit insurance policy, which is held in our business name).

By proceeding with the “Audit Shield” service, we include you and your entities in the coverage of our policy. Therefore, if you are subject to an audit, enquiry, investigation or review in relation to your lodged returns, the associated professional fees (up to a prescribed limit) are covered. The coverage also offers retrospective protection. Therefore, previously lodged returns are covered automatically.

The “Audit Shield” policy we hold is a group policy underwritten by AAI Limited (trading as Vero Insurance).

Liability limited by a Scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.